Why a Bloggity Blog

I mentioned a lil while back that I decided not to get an M.A. this year and instead decided to enroll locally in a children’s book writing program. If you’re interested in becoming a better writer you’ll often hear that to do so you’ve got to read and write consistently. Since I’ve been at a roadblock in the creative writing department, I’ve decided to slowly take this blogging thing a little bit more seriously and practice writing here a few times a week. Grammar and spelling enthusiasts beware: I usually put my book editor to work… and she won’t be here. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m heavily relying on Grammarly here.

It won’t just be a place to practice creative writing though. There was this short period of time after studying photography in college where I felt pretty confident with a camera. After taking a long break from photo and now wanting to get back into, I think this will be a helpful place to encourage the practice.

I’ve also got a few trips and events that I’d like to document and share with friends and family (Hi grandma). Plus, isn’t it kind of humbling to look back (or in this case “scroll back”) at your former self and see how ridiculous you were (but at the same time also how far you’ve come).

In a couple of weeks, I’ll have my “official” blog up so bear with me as I post on the humble Blogspot.

(I actually borrowed this shirt from my mom’s closet! But here’s a similar one. Jeans are Topshop. Boots are Dolce Vita.)


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