My last day at Nordstrom was yesterday. It brought a lot of grateful tears. Taryn C. went out of her way to bring me flowers and childhood friends texted me support on leaving. I bought myself a slice of cake from Bazille, ordered my last Nordstrom materials, and recited my employee numbers for the last time. Even though Nordstrom was full of rude customers, it was also full of amazing coworkers.. and those coworkers were tough to leave.

BUT I’m excited about this new chapter! I just have this reaally good feeling about this! As I write this, I’m filled with so much hope! Tomorrow, I’ll officially be full time at Pigment! A place that seems so much more “me”. It feels like I can breathe again and a weight has been lifted.

Overall I’m exited and grateful for…

  • all the new people I’m going to meet
  • to ride my bike to work
  • this current weather
  • getting to hang out with the pup more
  • more beach days, getting lost in a good book, and soaking up the sun
  • my new children’s book writing class
  • my trip next week to Spain and Scotland to see Jacob
  • more yoga and walking T.P.
  • this blog

My goal is to update all the good stuff on this blog for this next year!

Here’s to new chapters!!


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